I thought I would just bear this lifelong agony.. Let it be, Let it be..~

But when analgesic medication seems not reliable anymore,

and every step that I take is an excruciating pain, I think I need an assistance..

but idk what kind of assistance would that be?

do I have to be ‘open up’ for it? T_T



I never want to trouble anybody, neither that I want to be treated as somebody that is ‘special’..

I never ask for a seat when I have to stand in the bus..

I never fight when everybody is scuffling to get into the lift, even if I have to climb to the 5th floor of Forensic Dept..

even if i didn’t focus on the pain of my hip, I sometimes forget that my ability is limited..

tapi sekarang, macam dah tak tertanggung.

esok first day clinical posting kat Jain Hospital, Dept of Medicine pulak tu.. surely there’ll be a lot of walking..

ya Allah…………..

kawan, kalau aku terjatuh dalam cubaan ku melangkah, sudilah hulurkan tangan, bantu aku ya?

masih banyak sebab untuk aku terus bersyukur..